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Selling this Spring? Are you prepared?

Selling this Spring? Are you prepared?

Selling this Spring?  Are you prepared? Moving is among the 3 most stressful things we endure in life.   Prepping a house for sale can seem overwhelming, however, our home is usually our biggest financial asset, and statistics show clean homes sell faster and at a... read more
Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Many of our customers are concerned about their impact on the environment we all share as well as inside their homes for the safety of their family.  Empress uses Eco Friendly cleaning methods and do not use chemicals.  Our technicians are highly trained, experienced... read more

Eco Friendly Cleaning: Empress Cleaning Practices Green

When we first started Empress Cleaning Services, we researched the market for the best cleaning products and instead became alarmed by what we were reading about regular household cleaning products we all used and took for granted. For instance, did you know: That... read more

Home Air Quality

The central air duct system in your home acts exactly like the lungs of our respiratory system; drawing in and circulating the air throughout the house. As it moves the air around, however, the air duct system is continually collecting and distributing household... read more

How to Clean Carpet Stains

If you spill liquid on your carpet. first gently blot with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. Do not press too hard. Then use a bath towel folded to fit the stain and apply pressure to absorb into towel. You can even stand on it! Re-fold the towel to expose a dry spot... read more

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Traditional carpet cleaning services are known to use harmful chemicals. They contain a concoction of lethal synthetic chemicals. Perchloroethylene, (perc) is a dry cleaning additive. People have reported being dizzy, vomiting, and various other issues when ingested... read more

Steps to Eco Friendly Cleaning Around Your Home

Research now shows that many common cleaning solutions can be harmful to the earth as well as to your health. To help give your home a “green clean” here are a few ideas for some easy eco-green cleaning solutions for your home. We do not recommend making your own... read more