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gerbera_daisy-e1401978076294Research now shows that many common cleaning solutions can be harmful to the earth as well as to your health. To help give your home a “green clean” here are a few ideas for some easy eco-green cleaning solutions for your home. We do not recommend making your own products without guidance, eco friendly items can still create toxic gas if mixed incorrectly.


  1. Get rid of toxic cleaning products (anything labeled with words such as ‘poison’, ‘danger’, ‘warning’, ‘caution’). Take those products to a Household Hazardous Waste Disposal.
  2. Make your own green cleaning products using regular household ingredients such as white vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.
  3. Use eco-friendly cleaning products made from safe natural and not-toxic ingredients to prevent exposure to the hazardous synthetic chemicals conventional cleaners often contain. These are labeled ‘non-toxic’, ‘biodegradable’.
  4. Avoid using non-renewable resources such as paper towels. Use a good-quality microfibre cloth, such as the Norwex microfiber cloth. They let you clean, dust and polish with nothing more than a little bit of water, they also last much longer than traditional cloths. You can also use old towels and clothing strips as an alternative.
  5. HEPA vacuums are also better for the environment. HEPA filters trap small particles that may cause problems for allergy sufferers and others with health problems. Reducing or eliminating those particles will make cleaner air for the residents of your home.
  6. Clean indoor air quality with plants such as Aloe (Aloe vera) – this succulent helps clear formaldehyde and benzene; the spider plant – battles benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene (a solvent used in the leather, rubber and printing industries); the Gerber daisy-This flowering plant is effective at removing trichloroethylene, which you may bring home with your dry cleaning. It’s also good for filtering out the benzene that comes with inks; Snake plant- best for filtering out formaldehyde; Golden pothos-another wonderful plant for undertaking formaldehyde. For proficient duct cleaning, our professional cleaning techniques will help you eliminate the toxic air in your home by regularly removing particles and pollution throughout your home without the use of harsh and poisonous chemicals.
  7. Buy products from environmentally responsible suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. We carry an assortment of eco-friendly cleaning products.
  8. For a list of our “green” products, please see our Products Page.
  9. When you need help, hire Empress Cleaning Services. Get healthy products from suppliers like us! We offer our clients the Reliable line of household steamers and the Norwex line of microfibre cloths, so that our clients can maintain their clean in-between appointments without the use of harsh chemicals.