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Eco – Friendly Products

After 35 years in business, we KNOW what works.  We’ve become loyal fans for a number of product lines that support our eco-friendly commitment.  These products have remained reliable after heavy use, and are of course, effective when it comes to cleaning your home. We recommend these products to our clients and offer in home demos and sales services.  Get the best for your home, and if you like, you can freshen up between our visits!



Core Cleaning has developed its eco-friendly product philosophy over time and with much testing and investigation of products. We have settled on two product lines that we believe in so passionately that we not only use them in our cleaning services, but we market them as well.

If you haven’t used the Norwex line of products, we’ll be happy to introduce you to them. We’ll even demonstrate how, often with water and Norwex micro cloths alone, we can clean your home to a sparkling shine. When we visit to provide you with an assessment, ask us to demonstrate.

Norwex also has specially designed mats to limit the contaminants from entering your home, personal care products and much more. All Norwex products are eco-friendly.


Reliable Steamers

We love the Reliable Steamers.  They have been so effective, and well, reliable, that we have become a licensed supplier of this great product.  We thoroughly recommend both the hand-held steamer (ideal for smaller jobs and tight spaces) and the Steamboy Mop (does an amazing job on all types of floors).

You can purchase any of these products from Core Cleaning. They are an ideal way to keep your home clean and fresh between our regular housekeeping visits.  Purchasing your steamer through Core Cleaning provides you with delivery of your product, as well as a high level of customer service should your steamer ever need repair.


You can schedule an in-home demo of our cleaning products!!  Check them out before you buy!