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How_To_Clean_Carpet_StainsIf you spill liquid on your carpet. first gently blot with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. Do not press too hard. Then use a bath towel folded to fit the stain and apply pressure to absorb into towel. You can even stand on it! Re-fold the towel to expose a dry spot and repeat. If you have a Norwex Enviro cloth, this is an excellent use for it. If you are concerned about colour stains or odour, leave a damp towel on stain and call Empress for a service call. Leaving a damp towel will prevent the stain from setting.

Stains that often do not come out are orange pop or red coloured popsicles. Wine, however, is most often removable as long as the stain is treated right away. Remember to never use hot water to clean a stain!!